Welcome to Engineering Plastics Manufacturing cc. "E.P.M"


For E.P.M to be prosperous in integrity whilst offering an outstanding service and supplying great products to our client's satisfaction.


To be completely dedicated to the success of E.P.M. and our clients by applying innovation and creativity.

Integrity, trust and personal attention are most important in all relationships.

To be considerate of the environment.

"New developments and special projects are our forte"

The company was founded in July 1989, to specifically serve the engineering environment and manufacture custom made products.

EPM will bring your idea to fruition, by assisting with ideas in the design and consulting with you. We will walk you through the complete process from design to 3-D printing of sample, to mould manufacture and finally a complete injection moulded component.

Our range of service expands over industries ranging from truck trailers, automotive components, cranes and lifts, specialised truck bodies, beverage, chemical, medical, promotional and various others