At the initial consultation the customer's idea will be discussed on how to achieve an economical and working product, either from a drawing, a sample or the client's idea.

From there the various stages are:

  • Design of component
  • 3-D printing of sample (if required)
  • Mould design and mould manufacturing
  • Sample manufacturing from mould
  • The final production.

All these stages are subject to the client's approval.

We keep abreast of new developments and trends in the plastics industry and are able to make an informed decision to improve our service to you. Selecting the correct materials is of importance for the applications as well as the product cost.

Our team has taken on the exciting challenge of successfully converting steel components into more economical plastic injection moulded items.

Often these items have been a costly imported steel part and are now locally manufactured by us in plastic. This has been a huge cost effective exercise for numerous clients.


EPM is the proud manufacturer of the plastic housing set